Our own manufacturing in Togo

The project consists in the construction and startup of a completely operational production-facility in Togo for the assembly of solar-energy applications for the African population.

With the local production-unit in Togo, Solar Without Borders wishes to realize the following goals:

  • To increase the autonomy of the African population by knowledge transfer
  • Reduce production costs by employing local labor
  • Reduce transportation costs by making maximum use of the local available materials (steel, glass,...) and by importing only the solar cells and necessary technological components 
  • Respond flexibly to the real needs and offer affordable solutions  

The production unit will be built in the region Agou at 100 km from the capital Lomé and 20 km from the second largest city of Togo, Kpalimé.  This region has been selected for the following arguments:

  • The non-profit association BISZ has been working together for 5 years with a very reliable partner organization, ONG Cado, which is active in that region
  • The road to the port is very good according to Togolese standards
  • Electricity is available for the production unit
  • Very reliable workers are available

The project will be divided in the following phases :

  • Preliminary research in Togo + product development in Belgium
  • Financing of the project
  • Construction and startup of the production unit in Togo
  • Knowledge transfer + expanding the commercial network

Our first self-produced solar panel

Implementation in Togo of the project starts in mai 2010.  From then on you will be able to follow the number of produced solar panels below. 

Current situation
Totaal geproduceerd:
Gemiddelde productie per week: