Support Solar Without Borders

There are several ways in which you can contribute to Solar Without Borders. About 80% of our developing projects are funded by gifts or sponsoring. Hence the importance of your support. Of course we are grateful for all who have showed faith in us. 
You can support us on line by clicking on 'Switch the light on in Togo' at the left.

By hiring Bar Solar you can also give us some back support. More information on this can be found on 'Rent a Bar Solar'.

We depend on volunteers for all of our activities. Without them, we would never have achieved what we have today.  Would you like to cooperate as a volunteer during an event in Belgium, a project abroad or as part of SWB itself, you can apply on line by going to the link besides 'helping as a volunteer'. 

Schools can support us by organising an annual fasting campaign. What we can offer in return you find under 'helping as a school'.

Companies can also help SWB to grow. Their support is of vital importance. Learn more about this on 'helping as a company'.